Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wishes Never Over

An hour before dawn..

Just as you thought your life are already near "perfect" (according to your silly ideals) FACTS kicks in. Yes, yes, being a grown up means forget all that childhood stuffs like playing your old toys and sleazing off on a couch watching your favorite cartoons.. but does it preventable? I couldn't even help myself memorizing all of my nostalgic cartoons and old toys.. and I missed them, missed the atmosphere.. the calmness, never worried of being mugged or hurt 'coz u know your folks are there protecting you, safe from all harm, nice and quiet, tuck in inside the deepest part of your comfy home.

But then, we HUMANS, have to grow up. Become adults, living everyday life, seeking jobs, seeking money, to pay the rent, to get married.
Last thing on earth that humans need IS money. But MONEY couldn't buy HAPPINESS. If a man truly happy then money isn't of a concern, so how could we be happy?

Usually "happy" means fulfillment of every wishes. Wishing to have an Xbox 360 Kinect, wishing to have an artistic-melancholic girlfriend, wishing to be proper dressed, wishing to have friends that support and understands you.. all wishes are LEGAL. You don't have to pay to wish for something, JUST WISH to something that you believe to.

Of course it's never over.. wishes do tend to accumulate by numbers. So what happen if we are never to get our wishes come true? Dissapointment comes. Disappointed by our belongings, disappointed by our co-workers, disappointed by our public transportation management, disappointed of not having friends.. I assure you it FELT LIKE DICK.

But here's a tip: Life is unpredictable, the only thing you can predict is your wishes. Don't be afraid to wish something you wanted deep down inside your heart, and don't forget to be always determinant to make your wish come true, just don't push it too far okay, know your limit  :)

REMEMBER, you think you are alone but in fact you ARE NOT, you just haven't realized it yet. Look around.. and observe, there are people that will be there for you  ;)

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