Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Somehow.. I feel at peace.. even just a little.

Months gone by.. and I just accomplished a little piece of my mountain-sized wishes. Even though, the thing that surprised me was that my first achievement actually gave me a little bit of peace inside the heart. I already knew about fulfilling one wishes could boost someone's happiness rate, but I never thought it would be this calming!

For once, I don't even care 'bout others. All the trashy whispering secrets and cynical-ism that sounded like bull-crap, all of that just can go to hell. Come to think of it, they just simply stink but there's no real harm done. I can easily ignored these stupid useless things 'coz now there are something FAR MORE BETTER (and healthier) has await me in my own cozy room.

Behold, the newest and latest development of sensor motion that has captured many hearts of gamer: "The Xbox 360 Kinect" Never before a console become so complete yet so healthy at the same time. 

Health experts have already suggested sports to people since long time ago. After the arrival of the millennium era, stress rate has increased rapidly due to population growth and concerning health care. Hectic lifestyle also contributes to stresses.

By doing sports, we can reduce stress levels. It calms the unrest minds. But time aren't a luxury for people that are too busy, and they'll for sure be doing something too important to be left out. So how about working out (sport) in-door? Don't have the proper imagination to work it out? have no fear, kinect is here!

You don't have to go to the park or the gym regularly anymore. Xbox 360 games are now kinect supported, so you can still jog, move, do tai-chi or even play soccer without going out. Sport calms the mind. Sport is moving, playing kinect is moving. Moving is the best medicine, so go kinect. "Jump in", literally ;) 

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